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Hi, guys. Welcome to wopbuster project. Our goal here is help software development teams to keep their projects under control. Please, feel free to engaje, if you want. Currently we are working on planning activites (like site content, components definition etc). Source code will be delivered soon.
Summary Wopbuster software quality platform
Category process
License BSD License
Owner(s) avcastoldi

Wopbuster is a software quality improvement platform. Our goal here is help development teams to improve their development process by introducing metrics without impact the way the team works.

We believe that software development doesn�t be a painful hunt of bugs. And that is possibe to manage software complexity while the source code is being developed. Every program starts with one line of code. And we must be able to keep code complexity under control as development goes.


  • Help software development teams to improve their development process by metrics monitoring.
  • In other words, it means:

  • we wil provide a source-code metrics data-mart. It will gather metrics collected from other tools.
  • wopbuster isn�t focused in metrics gathering. There are a plenty of good tools doing it (and doing well);
  • communication with wopbuster will happen mainly via web services;

    The high-level features we are going to build are:

  • an SGBD-based source-code metrics repository;
  • a SOAP-based message API;
  • a set of adapters. they will be used to transform reports from other tools (like PMD, JDepend, Simian, Checkstyle, etc.) to wopbuster message format.
  • Use the issue tracker to track features and enhancement requests. It is not just for bugs, pre-populate it with feature descriptions so that potential contributors know what you would like them to work on.
  • What are the high-level assumptions or ground rules for the project?

  • we will use programming language Java for now;
  • unit tests are mandatory. They are a cornerstone to high quality software;
  • Related resources

  • PMD
  • Simian
  • Software Engineering Institute